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Friends, family members have been thrown into a state of mourning following the death of Prince Nathaniel Osayande few days to his coronation. 

Prince Nathaniel Osayande before his death


The Kingdom of Ugu (Oba N’Ugu) and the Enogieship (Dukedom) of Umoghun Nokhua in Edo state, have been left in a state of mourning following the sad death of his Royal Highness, Prince Nathaniel Osayande, Crown Prince and heir to the Throne.


According to reports, he was killed in a fatal accident which happened along Benin-Abraka expressway on Friday, April 5th, 2019.


Prince Nathaniel died ahead of his inauguration to the throne of Ugu, billed to hold in a few days time.


Educated in finance and accounting, the late Crown Prince worked to improve the lives of his community and to ameliorate the standing of the Kingdom of Ugu at home and abroad.


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A heartbroken Nigerian lady has been hospitalized after she found out her boyfriend just got married today.

Tola said he told her he was travelling for his friend’s wedding two weeks ago. When she didn’t hear from him, she became worried for his safety, not knowing he was in Akure carrying out his wedding rites.

She added that she broke her celibacy for him, due to how much she loved him. But he ended up betraying her.

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Mr A.O Subair, a lecturer in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Ibadan, has died after setting himself ablaze at his residence in the University.

Mr Subair, a native of Kaduna State, had earlier resigned from the university but was yet to vacate the staff quarters on Phillipson Road.

Confirming the incident, the Chairman, Academic Staff Union of Universities, Prof. Deji Omole who described the incident as pathetic, stated that it was a major loss to the union. He also added that all efforts to rescue the victim were abortive.

Mr Subair has been buried at Akinyele public cemetery. He is survived by three children.

A Nigerian man identified as, Joshua Ekanem, has cried out on Twitter after he allegedly bought a refurbished iPhone on Jumia online store.

According to the Fish farmer and undergraduate of University of Benin, he bought the phone for 75,0000 Naira but unknown to him it was a Refurbished Iphone 6 that was sent to him.

He also claimed that all efforts to solve the issue with Jumia has proved abortive. He wrote;

Been hearing of Jumai for couple of years now, so i decided to buy a Phone from them Only for me to use it for 2 months and find out that they sold to me a Refurbished IPhone 6. So sad 😭 I bought it New #75,000.

My name is Joshua Ekanem, the phone i bought from Jumia on Jan 11 2019 after using for two months with some issues, like the phone getting too hot

I know so many people will laugh about this, but i am so depressed because i have saved for this phone after working hard.

Why i came online is because I’ve been tackling this issue with jumia for over a 3 weeks and have not been getting a good response. I’m a fish farmer and also a student of the university of Benin.

If Jumia has price tagged it 100k i could have saved for it. For me to recently find out that no new IPhone 6 in the market 😐

Been hearing of Jumai for couple of years now, so i decided to buy a Phone from them Only for me to use it for 2 months and find out that they sold to me a Refurbished IPhone 6. So sad 😭 I bought it New #75,000. Cc @JumiaNigeria@OsasDreal@Mikypool4u2c@segalink
Issa thread

— Joshua ekanem (@trustmejosh) April 5, 2019

heartbroken Nigerian lady identified as Tola has been hospitalized after she found out her boyfriend just got married today.

Tola said he told her he was travelling for his friend’s wedding two weeks ago. When she didn’t hear from him, she became worried for his safety, not knowing he was in Akure carrying out his wedding rites.

She added that she broke her celibacy for him, due to how much she loved him. But he ended up betraying her.

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Ire o 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

— Tola (@TolaBrown) April 6, 2019

teenage boy has been forced in marriage to a young lady he impregnated in a community in Anambra State. 

The couple on their 'forced' wedding day


According to reports, a boy was allegedly forced to marry a girl whom he impregnated in Anambra state. It was learnt that the boy got the lady pregnant and her family resolved that he should marry her due to her condition.

The low-key wedding was attended by few family members and friends of the couple.


Chinedu Okpala, the former Coordinator of National Youths Council of Nigeria in Aguata LGA, Anambra state, has called on activists, well meaning individuals both National and International, National Youth’s Council of Nigeria (NYCN), National Council of Women’s Societies (NCWS), FIDA, Federal Ministry of Women affairs, and all the relevant organizations, to look into the alleged forced union between the young couple as it appears they are not ‘ready’ for marriage considering they have ‘no means of livelihood’.

A woman in South Africa has been arrested after videos surfaced appearing to show a person hitting children and forcing them to clean.

One clip shows a woman shouting at a girl who appears to have vomited, before hitting her on the head.

The footage was filmed in Johannesburg a year ago but has re-emerged.

As well as hitting the young child, the woman is also seen smacking her on her bottom and repeatedly asking her: “Why are you vomiting? Why?”

Twitter users were quick to condemn the woman. One person replied “my heart sank”, while another posted: “Wow you don’t understand how much this brings tears to my eyes, poor baby.”

Some also questioned why the person filming failed to step in and stop the beatings.

One of the strongest social media responses came from the regional education minister, Panyaza Lesufi, who was tagged in the video.

“Disgusting!!! I couldn’t even finish watching it!” he wrote, before tagging his colleagues and adding: “Let’s hunt this creche! I am [on] standby to pounce just get details.”

The South African Department of Social Development also tweeted about the incident, saying they “condemn the abuse of children” before appealing for more information.

The woman has since been arrested amid investigations into the incident, according to

The website quoted South African Police Service saying that the woman was arrested a week ago and appeared in court on 28 March and was released on bail while further investigations are underway.

She was due to return to court on 7th May 2019.

Baby Born With Intestines Outside Her Stomach Set For Her First Birthday

A baby born with her intestines outside her stomach has miraculously survived and is set to celebrate her first birthday.

Lily-Rae Lawrence had to undergo surgery just four hours after birth and spent 150 days in hospital before being discharged last September.

Parents Melissa Thompson and Richard Lawrence, 32 and 34, noticed something was wrong when the 12-week scan showed a 'puff of smoke' outside Lily-Rae's belly.

Doctors diagnosed the baby girl with gastroschisis, a condition that causes her intestines to form out of a hole in her stomach, and it was feared the pressure building up in the organ could lead to a rupture.

Recalling Lily-Rae's condition before it was cured, Richard, an electrical engineer, said: "The stomach was flat on the scan, but we could see something in the picture outside of her belly, her bowels were on the outside.

"It looked like a puff of smoke outside her belly our initial thoughts were pure worry, you get yourself in a panic trying to get your head around it."

"When Lily-Rae was born they planned to put her bowels in a silo bag, which is a plastic bag raised above the belly and from there it takes several days for them to squeeze back into place.

"But it was not a normal case, it was very complicated and required more surgery."

The baby, from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, was born at 36 weeks and five days, weighing 6lbs 2oz, as doctors noticed her intestines starting to dilate which could lead to blockages and rupturing.

Surgeons hoped to reinsert her bowels by wrapping them in a cling film-like material and let gravity naturally force it back inside the body, but they found the condition was much more complicated.

Out of 30cm of intestines outside the body, only 17cm of it was alive. Doctors were forced to remove the dead sections and create two stomas outside Lily-Rae's body.

After removing the dead intestines that had turned black, doctors hoped the remaining section would be able to survive on one blood vessel and regrow.

Lily-Rae had to undergo a third operation, but this time, the parents were told that the 17cm of her 'alive' bowel had miraculously grown to more than 23cm and parts of it had untangled.

The large intestine that was also in the clump had all survived as well.

Lily-Rae was discharged after 149 days in hospital and has since gone on to living like a healthy baby.

Melissa and Richard praised the doctors who helped their daughters overcome the odds. And now she is set for her first birthday.

Super Rich Kids Flaunt Lavish Lifestyles [Photos]

There's never a dull day when you're a rich kid, whether you're on board a private jet on the way to an exotic location or behind the wheel of a supercar.

And while there's no shortage of moneyed youngsters flaunting their wealth on Instagram, the account Super Rich Kids collates the most striking snaps and ostentatious displays of wealth.

Champagne, expensive cars and holidays are a must, complete with truffle pizza, mansions and baby tigers.

The account, which boasts 75.2k followers, documents the extravagant lifestyles of big spenders, and champagne, expensive cars and even tiger cubs are a must.

While some pose with their collection of rare and expensive cars from the likes of Bugatti and Ferrari, others just love lounging by the pool in five start hotels in Dubai.

A man has been given the disgrace of a lifetime after he was caught redhanded stealing a woman's panties in Ogun. 

The suspect


A young Nigerian man desperate to make money has found himself in serious trouble after he was caught stealing a woman's panties in Ifo area of Ogun state. 


The sad incident which took place on Thursday evening attracted a large crowd.


It was gathered that the man was disgraced as he was stripped n*ked and beaten by residents who paraded him in public.


He reportedly confessed that he was given the task to steal female underwear for a fee. The suspect was later dragged to the police station.


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A nine-year-old boy in Uganda has married his six-year-old sweetheart of five years in a traditional wedding. The Primary Four pupil at Buyende Light Primary School and the girl were given a ‘matrimonial hut’ to live in as a couple.

The two started dating when the boy was three years old while the girl was three months old, after they were allegedly born with ‘two teeth’.

“My son was born with two teeth and his wife was also born with two teeth. His birth came with overwhelming blessings and his name should unite both Baganda and Basoga [tribes],” said the boy’s father.

According to the girl’s mother, the girl started speaking immediately after birth.

“She started speaking immediately after birth! When I went into labour, I asked what baby it was and I was told it was a girl. However, the midwife stunned me when she said my baby had been born with two teeth and nearly dropped her,” said the mother to the girl.

The boy’s teacher described him as a disciplined boy in school.

“I think this is the Kintu our forefathers talked about (in ancestral history). This one advises me despite being his teacher,’’ said the teacher.

It is reported that it was not a normal wedding ceremony, as the ‘couple’ sat adjacent to two three-feet long snakes which elders said are meant to protect them.

The police in Uganda are investigating the incidence, which goes against the law of the land where marriage can only happen between people aged 18 and above.

“Any acts of marriage must be between people who are 18 years old and above. Below that, you cannot marry. We want to find out the real facts of what it is all about,” said Busoga North Regional police spokesperson, Mr Michael Kasadha.

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