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1. Relax. Know that tough times and challenges will be there. Don’t be irrational or frantic. Exercise patience.

2. Look back. What brought about the silent treatment? Something you said? Something you did or didn’t do? Misunderstanding?

3. Pray about it. Let God reveal to you how to go about it. Repent to God if you’ve done wrong. Pray that God makes your spouse’s heart moldable and receptive.

4. Apologize even if what you said was right. Apologize if how you said it came out wrongly. Love is not about proving who is wrong or right. What you need is for your spouse to warm up to you by you showing you are understanding. Say sorry as you give eye contact, but if you are being avoided, write a text or a letter, reach out.

5. Don’t over apologize. Do one good sincere apology then give your spouse time for the apology to sink in. Don’t nag.

6. Play music that calms and warms the heart. Play love songs, spiritual music in the house. Praise and worship God so that the presence of God feels the home. In the fullness of God there is fullness of joy.

7. Present yourself to your spouse, be around your spouse. Even if you two won’t talk, just be available.

8. Start light conversations. Don’t bring up the topic or tell your spouse to lighten up and stop acting cold. Attack will only make your spouse defensive.

9. Tell your spouse how your day has been even if you get cold or brief feedback. Your spouse may be silent but you talk just like you used to. Be happy and smiling. Your warm demeanor is attractive.

10. Do for your spouse things he/she likes. Cook your spouse’s favorite meal, buy your spouse the movie he/she likes.

11. Give warm eye contacts.

12. Dress sexy in bed. Do something different in the bedroom. Go all out in arousing and pleasing your spouse. Make love, intimacy breaks down walls.

13. When your spouse is now more intimate with you, talk about the matter in depth, each giving their opinion without being judged. Talk about the root cause, how it feels. Tell your spouse it is difficult to deal with matters when you give each other silent treatment, but still telling your spouse you understand why he/she went silent.

14. Apologize once again. Forgive if wronged.

15. Agree on a way forward, how to deal with the issue in future.

16. Hug and kiss, cuddle, release. Say how much you need each other.

17. Pray for your marriage together that God will keep molding you two. Cover your marriage with prayer.

18. Make love, go back to loving, laugh, talk about other positive stuff. Wake up in the morning smiling.

19. Leave the matter in the past. It has been resolved. Move on.

If you have always suspected that your partner is using their phone to cheat on you with someone else, these are some signs to look out for. 

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When you feel you are the victim of unfaithfulness or something is amiss in your relationship, it is time to pay more attention to the phone behaviours of your partner.


Though, signs of cheating are different in every relationship but there are common threads you can look for.


These are seven secretive phone use behaviours of cheaters suggesting something is wrong. Cheaters tend to use their phones more frequently than before and to guard them as if their lives depend on it.


1. If he/she used to leave his/her phone out on the table for hours, or if he/she was the type of person who would leave the house and forget his/her phone all the time, but suddenly he/she and his/her phone are inseparable then something may be up.


2. If he/she never leaves his phone out anymore, panics when he/she can’t find his phone and doesn’t check his/her texts around you or just acts every shady around his/her phone, then you may have reason to worry.


3. If he/she suddenly put a password on his phone but never cared for privacy before, then something may be up.


4. If he/she steps out to take a phone call and comes back looking either upset, excited or apologetic, you may start to wonder who’s on the other line.


5. If you walk in when he’s/she’s on the phone and he/she abruptly ends the conversation, then he/she may be talking to another woman/man.


6. If he/she used to be diligent about answering his/her phone but you can go hours without getting in touch with him/her, then he/she may be spending that time with another woman/man.


7. If he/she shuts off his phone for hours and he/she never used to do that, it is not a good sign.


An expert has revealed how tight jeans as well as synthetic panties and leggings can hurt a woman's s*xual organ. 

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A Clinical Microbiologist, Tony Mbume, on Sunday advised females to stop wearing tight jeans, synthetic panties and leggings, to prevent vaginal infections.


According to him, most Nigerian females wear these synthetic pants, leggings and tight jeans in the name of fashion, without considering the health implications.


Dr Mbume, who works with CIAGIN Medical Laboratory, Oke-Afa, Isolo, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that synthetic wears caused the vagina to ‘overheat’, which could disrupt its ecosystem.


He said that underwears made of latex, nylon or polyester and synthetic materials could trap moisture and warmth, making the vagina vulnerable to infections.


“Synthetic panties can cause the vagina area to overheat and this can sometimes cause burning sores, itching or irritate the sensitive skin, as well as causing blisters.

“The friction caused by walking in tight pants and jeans can irritate the skin, resulting in the formation of blisters,’’ he said.


Dr Mbume said that vaginal burning and itching was usually accompanied by discharge and bad odour.


He further said that such infections could be dangerous if left untreated, as it might lead to infertility due to damage of the reproductive organs.


The microbiologist, however, recommended cotton underwear, to ventilate the vagina and eliminate infections, adding that wearing cotton underwear helped to keep the vagina free of excessive moisture and allows the area to breathe.


“Use cotton menstrual pads too. Cotton absorbs excess moisture and removes buildup heat from the area. It is the only materials that can become stronger when wet and is easily sterilised after use.


“Avoid sleeping with pants at night, to keep the vagina area dry throughout the night,’’ he said.


Dr Mbume said the vagina should be protected from any form of diseases, as it is a sacred and highly respected organ of God’s creation.

If you thought that the only benefit of sex was, well, pleasure, here's what a healthy sex life can do for you. 


The more benefits that have been attributed to having sex, the more beneficial reasons experts proffer on why you should have even more!  Because, besides the happy ending that comes with great sex, it turns out there are a whole bunch of other reasons you should be getting your kicks between the sheets and here they are …

1. It can make you look younger: Is this possibly the best thing you’ve ever heard?  Did you know that having regular sex can actually make you look seven years younger!?  Researchers found the human anti-ageing hormone DHEA soars to five times its normal level after an orgasm. So fling out your night creams and get cracking.

2. It can improve fertility: It might sound obvious but if you’re trying for a baby then the more sex you have, the more you increase your chance of getting a bun in the oven. Because the more sex a man has, the higher the quality of his sperm.  So, if you’re hoping for grade A swimmers, perhaps a morning, noon and night routine is just the job!

3. It boosts your immune system:  Next time you’re feeling sniffly, reaching for the tissues and having a hot bath, just remember that your cold/flu may have been caused by lack of regular romping. A regular amount of sex actually gives your immune system a welcome boost. In short, the more you’re having sex, the less likely you are to be struck down by illness.

4. It helps your heart: It’s no secret that a good bedroom session gets the blood pumping. But did you know it actually protests your heart in the long run?  Research has shown that having sex three times a week decreases the risk of heart attack by half.  In my eyes, that’s a pretty good reason to say sexually active!

5. It keeps you in shape:  A lot of people actually think this is a myth. I can’t imagine why, because at the end of the day, sex is a physical activity, just like going to the gym. So there’s no doubt that as much as you’re enjoying yourself, you’re actually burning calories in the process.  Better still, after sex, you can enjoy that bar of chocolate completely guilty free.

6. It’s good for period pains:  Sure you could take some paracetamol in the hope that it’ll knock your menstrual cramp on the head but, believe it or not, sex is a natural pain killer. Not only does a good romp help your muscles relax, it also releases endorphins – a natural pain reliever.

7. It works on wrinkles:  Among all the wonderful chemicals that are produced during sex, oestrogen is another absolute miracle worker.  Its biggest benefit is that it tightens and smoothens lines on the face. In other words, more sex equals less wrinkles.

8. It makes you more attractive: Okay, you’re not going to wake up in the morning looking like a supermodel.  But research has shown the more sex you have, the more attractive you are to the opposite sex. It’s all down to science.‘When you’re sexually active, your body releases more pheromones – the love chemical that attracts the men.

9. It can make you live longer:  Now this really does seem too good to be true, but the proof is in the pudding.  Apparently, if you’re having regular sex – more than twice a week, you can add up to eight years to your life expectancy.

10. It can unblock your nose!:  This may seem a little strange but it’s true!  As well as all the other benefits, sex is also a natural anti-histamine. So next time the pollen count is sky high, ease those itching eyes by getting a good romp!  So why are you still reading this?

Now that Fanny Sex Dolls could be the rage …

According to a recent news report, “A brothel has just forked out 6,000 Pounds (about three million Naira) for its second `virtual sex doll’ after the original one had become MORE popular among punters than the real women!”  When images of these life-like naked dolls first surfaced, no one expected the fad to catch on as it has today and some men are paying for sex with a doll than with women!  It’s a frightening thought but just how virtually real are these things?  And why on earth would someone choose to have sex with a doll rather than a real human being|?

According to the owner of the brothel, “These dolls don’t leave a single sexual wish unfulfilled. If you’re a man paying for sex in whatever form, you’ll want something pretty exceptional rather than a quick in-and-out.  This could be sex in a certain position or something a little more fetish-focused. All of these can be achieved with a fool because, at the end of the day, it’s an intimate, highly flexible object with no feelings”.

A poser for female readers: Almost everything in today’s society is becoming automated and virtual, so why not s*x?  And if female dolls became all the rage, will women be in the market for male sex dolls too!?

There are more than seven billion people in this world so there is never a reason to settle for less when it comes to relationships. Men come in all forms and sizes and while there will never be such a thing as a perfect man, there are 4 types of men every woman should avoid at all costs:

The broke a*s: It’s 2019 and it’s no longer acceptable to date men with potential, especially for women who are above 25. If a man’s potential has not yet started being realised by his mid 20s, there’s no need to stick along with hopes the situation will change. As Beyonce put it in her song Diva: “if you ain’t talking money then you ain’t got nothing for me.”

The self-absorbed man: This is the kind of man whRead more hereo wants everything to go his way and thinks he’s awesome but in reality he’s a pr**k. This kind of man is usually successful, but his character is wanting. The man will talk about his “awesomeness” 24/7. About how he graduated top in his class, how he rose up the ranks to earn monthly what other ordinary mortals could only dream of earning after many years of toiling. He’ll talk about his designer clothes, his connections to the high and mighty and how he retired at a young age to start his own company because he couldn’t keep making money for someone else.

The stiff, unadventurous man: This is the kind of person who cares so much about what people think that he doesn’t live his life. The man will avoid public displays of affection because they don’t want to risk looking “uncultured”. This man will not take a random trip outside the city on a weekend because he likes things planned ahead, or rather, he’s a control freak and has to have details of everything in his life to a T. This man could never do a quick store run in shorts and sandals because he couldn’t imagine his fellow country club mates seeing him unpolished. You can only imagine how boring your relationship will be

The flirt: This is the kind of dude who will get friendly with any and every woman he meets. If it’s not hugging every woman he casually knows, it’s flirting with them and taking them out to drinks. This man has no boundaries and shares everything about himself to everyone. There is something to be said about a discreet man.

People don’t often think about how the food they’re eating may be affecting their sex drive, but there are foods that can make your libido plummet.

1. Soy

This one is particularly applicable to men. A study down at Harvard University showed a direct link between how much soy a man consumes and how much testosterone he has. The more soy he ate, the less testosterone he produced! Testosterone is a vital hormone linked to sex drive.

2. Mint

Mint produces menthol, which has a cooling effect on the body. However, it can also have a cooling effect on your sex drive! Chewing ginger will do the opposite, so next time you want to freshen your breath, try ginger to heat things up.

3. Microwaveable popcorn

For this one, it’s not actually the food that causes the decreased libido, but the packaging. The chemicals on the non-stick lining of microwave popcorn bags contain perfluoroalykl acids, which can kill sexual desire. Instead, try using a popcorn maker.

4. Fried foods

Although tasty, these foods are very high in trans-fats, which can kill sexual desire. They’ve actually been shown to lower testosterone in men, which greatly decreases libido. A better alternative would be a baked potato, which increases dopamine and sexual desire.

5. Alcohol

Regular drinking actually leads to a chemical reaction in the nervous system, which can decrease sensitivity. While it may increase confidence, it could lower sensitivity in the bedroom.

6. Coffee

The caffeine in coffee has the potential to be a serious stressor on the body. Hormonal imbalances can affect a person’s sex drive drastically. Coffee may help you in the morning, but not at night!

Eating a healthy diet is a part of functioning well, and that applies to sexual functioning too. Make sure you are giving your body what it needs to keep you healthy, active and sexually fulfilled.

Dear beautiful woman, be a beauty with brains. So you have been intimate with a married man, and he is promising to make you his second wife. The title of wife makes you think you are serious and special to him. But don’t accept to be his second wife because…

1. You are entering to it though the door of unfaithfulness. When he was pursuing you it was an affair, he is married.

2. A husband and wife cannot be one if another woman comes into the picture. You are distracting him from being a good husband and father, you are intruding.

3. In marriage, the husband and wife are equal. If it is expected for the wife to be faithful to her one husband, why should the husband not be faithful to his one wife?

4. When the husband and legitimate wife got married, they vowed to faithfulness, love and exclusivity. Why are you as an outsider coming to help him break that vow?

5. Most often the man asking you to be his second wife does so because he sees women as a weaker gender, sees women as a trophy in his cabinet, wants to legitimize and justify his affair, and is seeking for ways he can keep having sex with you yet still keep his legitimate marriage; or he does so just because you got an unplanned pregnancy.

6. If you accept to be his second wife, what is stopping him from getting a number three, four and five? You are not that special.

7. You should be top priority, number one, why accept to be second best?

8. No woman who is the legitimate wife will be OK with sharing her husband. It is not what she vowed to in marriage. How would you feel if you were the legitimate wife and another woman comes to divide your marriage? Don’t do that to a fellow woman.

8. The reason why so many men get away with affairs and breaking their home is because out there are women willing to be used by the man in doing so. Don’t let him use you.

9. At the end, the man is not proud to stand in front of the world and say “This is my first wife and that is my second wife and that is my third”. Inside him he is unsettled, especially when the women he is playing with wake up.

10. How would you feel being introduced as the second wife? The world knowing you are the woman who came to spoil another woman’s marriage?

11. How will you live with yourself as a woman when you face and witness the pain, anger and shame you have brought on the legitimate wife?

12. Why subject yourself to a life where your child/children have a dad who is constantly absent? You explaining to your child/children daddy had to go be with another family?

13. Look at funerals, the lives and families of men with multiple women suffer. The kids suffer most. The child/children of the legitimate wife will despise you and your child/children. Your child/children will struggle to fit in the man’s schedule. Why put yourself and your child/children through all these? Because of selfishness? It always ends ugly.

14. You may be the second wife, but the legitimate wife will always be the one who taught him love, the one who made him the man you now want. Don’t be an opportunist. Find your own man and make him great.

15. The fact that you would mess up a legitimate marriage and hurt the children in that legitimate marriage just so that you live a comfortable and happy life, says a lot about yourself.

16. You are an amazing woman, you can have any man you want, there are so many single men out there. Why do you settle for less? Why share? Why force yourself where you were not welcomed?

17. Why commit your entire future to a man who is OK and casual about breaking the commitment he made to his legitimate wife? He can’t be trusted.

18. You will never be one with him because you are not his only one.

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