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There was a stadium disaster in Ghana

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Before any typical so-called Buharist out there quickly charge at me like a rabid dog,(as is typical of folks in our clime at this time), let me  state unequivocally that
Freedom of Expression and the Right to Hold and Share Opinions are Two Fundamental Corollary of Democracy Enshrined in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Other Universal Charter on Human Rights.

So, given that background, permit me to proceed in this piece targeted at articulating why I personally will not vote for Buhari, and by the same token, think you should not vote for President Muhammadu Buhari come February 16, 2019.

I am not a "Buharist" in the very first instance.I am a Nigerian.A rational Nigerian at that.For how can I actually vote for a man who said and I quote" I belong to nobody and I belong to everybody" in his BBC rated best quotes from Africa in 2015 speech.

No.Not at all.I am not and choose not to be a Buharist.(The coinage is in itself ladden with negative meaning and coated with political psycophancy from the pit of blind heroism and hero worship).

Having established my nationality and neutrality, first as an informed Nigerian citizen who can as such inform others, I make bold to say that I have every constitutional right to cast my vote for Buhari in his joint ticket with Prof.Yemi Osinbajo under the umbrella of the ruling All Progressive Congress(APC).

And indeed I will cast my vote for Buhari as President NOT because I am a Buharist chanting "Sai Baba" (all over the place and ever ready to exchange verbal missiles with friends and foes on social media in defence of Buhari) BUT BECAUSE I REALLY DO LOVE MY COUNTRY and like Martin Luther King, I HAVE A DREAM of A NEW NIGERIA!

*A NEW NIGERIA WHERE INSTITUTIONS ARE STRENGTHENED AND  THINGS WORK!!(Even the blind can see that the building blocks for these are already laid by Buhari's government)



*I HAVE A DREAM of a new Nigeria where political gladiators and their jobbers and croonies can no longer siphon huge sums of money meant for building good roads,rail system and other essential infrastructures across the nation into invincibly invisible accounts yet such people(who should rot in jail,) have the guts to tinker with the destiny of unborn generations of Nigerians, as they still patronise the corridors of power.

The above core reasons are my personal RATIONAL basis for choosing to cast my vote for Buhari as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, come February 2019- and not because he is a moslem and I am a Christian.Or because he is Fulani while I am Yoruba.Or because I am a Buharist.NO! Never again should we as a people confine decision taking on issues that affect our national lives to the sheer realm of sentiments and ill-informed emotional intelligence.

I have been a strong open critic of Buhari's adminitration when and if the ocassion warrants it these last couple of years and I will so remain for that is the beauty of democracy!

Under the current national circumstances, I unapologetically believe that my country deserves to re-elect Buhari/Osinbajo to enable the duo set the nation properly on the course of the rebirth of a new Nigeria within the next four years lest the cummulative gains of the administrations strides be reversed by the emergence of new government that may orchestrate a momentary socio-economic jamboree that will invariably plung the country into the depth of impunity, national treasury looting ( all in the name of privatisation) that will return the country into the pockets of a selected few.The masked political elites who would rather have the privatized federal republic of Nigeria back in their pockets, served on their table of advanced greed and swallowed into their long and lenghty throats!

So, I am not actually going to vote for Buhari/Osinbajo but I will cast my votes for Buhari's re-election in the overall interest of my country Nigeria and our unborn generation of Nigerians.As such, we can change our old  perrenial national narratives of abject poverty in the midst of plenty like the Asian Tigers, UAE's Dubbai and other countries where things work! I hope you find these reasons rational enough for you to re-elect President Muhammadu Buhari come February, 16th, 2019.

Not just because of Buhari or out of any myopic, parochial sentiments but because of a  Nigeria that must be set on auto-pilot as a country where institutions work and governance delivers dividends of democracy to the entire citizenry following a specific national blueprint and master plan built on integrity, transparency, leadership by example, great leadership will power to make things work(notwithstanding the frailties and weaknesses of the human body) and not the facade of political hypocrisy sugar-coated with articulation, oration and ultimate intent to destruction of national heritage on the altar of personal aspirations and ambitions.

I am not a Buharist and will never be! I am a Nigerian.
I will vote for Nigeria's future.I will actually vote for Buhari/Osinbajo joint re-election on the basis of these aforementioned points.
God Bless Nigeria!!!!

'Femi Orunsola is a Media Consultant & Public Affairs Analyst

10 Years Challenge By 'Femi Orunsola 

10 Years ago I never thought of it that 10 years challenge was ever going to become a trend in vogue as it is now.

10 years ago, I bought a cell phone I certainly will not accept as a gift today or think of ever using. Can anyone remember those 2008/2009 phones in vogue back then?

10 years ago I ate a broad spectrum of food and drank different drinks and ate out frequently at different fast food centres  (some of which have closed down now) as I liked .I had bought and wore materials and designer clothes, shoes and bags MOST of which (if not ALL), I really cannot tell where exactly they are now. 

Neither do I eat and drink much the same categories of foods and drinks in the same manner as I would do some 10 years ago. Why should I? My age, idiosyncracies, circumstances and schedule of duties then and now are not the same!

10 years ago, I owned and rode a car brand.I certainly will not even dream of ever buying the same type of car again today.

 Trends, fashion and what's in vogue have overtaken them.
10 years ago.I was not here, I mean where I am today.

How time flies!
10 years ago? Just like a flash of a moment.How would I know if I would be here today to take a restropective look at nature's greatest gift to me and indeed all mankind - time.

Time, that heals all wounds as they say.
10 Years Ago, I got married in hope of a better life with my better half.In the womb of time, my solo sojourn has metamorohosed into the trip of a duo.The same trip has graduated into an adventure of many with the emergence of my own carbon copies from my loins, fondling with my heart and sharing in my time, life and all its resources. I am not the same man I used to be 10 years ago!
What a decade! What an experience of life! I have been through thick and thin, ups and downs, waded through the maze called life in the company of my portion and wife of my youth who has just always been there with and for me.

What a force beyond me it is that has helped me to  navigate my way out of the valley of the shadow of death on many ocassions in the course of the vissimilitudes of life!

Today the social media space is a-gog  with 10 years challenges of different shades, hues and categories.

Indeed,many may pose a 10 years challenge picture of their infallibility to the world, my 10 years challenge tells the tale of my fallibility and vulnerability as part of my humanity.

10 Years ago, a young man, a student of mine by the name, Clement made a portrait frame for me and presented it to me as a birthday gift.

Today, I look back at the same portrait  made by that young man who was a physically challenged but gifted and determined youth who was actually restricted to depend on his wheel chair for mobility with a great feeling of nostagia and meaning.

How he got that picture of mine with which he drew the portrait sketch I cannot recall but I vividly remember how I felt when he first gave me the frame and he told me that he chose to do my portrait frame because I had added value to his life and inspired him to believe in himself. 

Today, 10 years thereafter, a look at that same portrait hanged in a conspicuous location in my living room refreshes my memory to the bitter truth that the real challenge of our ephemeral lives on this side of planet earth is not such much about the mighty mansions we build, the flashy cars we ride, the designer clothes we wear or the sumptous meals we eat.No.Not so much about all these but it's about the impact our lives make on humanity.

How instructive it is for us to realize that 10 years from now too, many of the mundane pursuits and materials we are currently going all out of our ways to get will be both out of vogue and undesirable to us again.

10 years from now, what we do for others today, in the ultimate analysis,may be the real substance we will have to show for our existence! Not the same set of necessities and or  luxuries like cars, clothings,  iphones, smartphones, electronics and other things that we so much prioritize above people- our spouses, children,friends, relatives and our less previleged neighbours today.

10 years from now, I hope you remember reading this piece of writing of mine and it strikes a positive chord in your heart that life is all about impact not our unenlightened impulses and the size of our pulses!

Thanks for reading my 10 years challenge story.

Kindly share and rebroadcast.Mega blessings!

Forbes has released their 21-man richest men in Africa list, for the year 2019.

This list was released today, 9th of January, 2019.

The list has revealed that there were fewer and poorer billionaires on the African continent in 2019.

Nigeria’s Aliko Dangote retained his place as the richest man in Africa on the newly released Forbes’ list of African billionaires.

He, however, lost almost $2bn compared to his last year’s worth. Dangote’s estimated $10.3 billion net worth is nearly $2 billion less than a year ago.

Another Nigerian, Folorunsho Alakija was one of the billionaires, who suffered a drop in their net worth between last year and this year, as she held No 19 on the 20-man list. Forbes report that, Alakija’s net worth dropped due to a decline in the value of one of Nigeria’s most productive oil fields. It is claimed that the decline can be partly blamed on the fact that the oil field’s production had levelled off.

The rating magazine reports that Alakija’s net worth dropped due to a decline in the value of one of Nigeria’s most productive oil fields.

Mike Adenuga, the owner of Globacom, emerged Africa’s 5th richest man. Others are Nigeria’s cement mogul Abdulsamad Rabiu, who runs and owns the BUA Group, standing at number 16 on the list for the first time since 2015.

Here are the richest Africa’s Billionaires 2019

1. Aliko Dangote – $12.2 billion net worth
2. Nicky Oppenheimer – $7.7 billion net worth
3. Johann Rupert – $7.2 billion net worth
4. Nassef Sawiris – $6.8 billion net worth
5. Mike Adenuga – $5.3 billion net worth
6. Naguib Sawaris – $4 billion net worth
7. Issad Regrab – $4 billion net worth
8. Koos Becker – $2.8 billion net worth
9. Mohamed Mansour – $2.7 billion net worth
10. Patrice Motsepe – $2.4 billion net worth
11. Aziz Akhannouch – $2.2 billion net worth
12. Yasseen Mansour – $1.9 billion net worth
13. Strive Masiyiwa – $1.7 billion net worth
14. Othman Benjelloun – $1.6 billion net worth
15. Mohammed Dewji – $1.5 billion net worth
16. Youssef Mansour – $1.4 billion net worth
17. Stephen Saad – $1.2 billion net worth
18. Michiel Le Roux – $1.2 billion net worth
19. Onsi Sawiris – $1.2 billion net worth
20. Desmond Sacco – $1.1 billion net worth
21. Christoeffel Wiese – $1.1 billion net worth

The sound of it may be scary, especially to those who may be hearing it for the first time, but vaginal steaming has over the years evolved from being a mere cultural practice to be en vogue.

What really is vagina steaming and how is it done and to what end? What are the medical implications?

Adwoa Adobea Owusu visited a place in Accra where women can go and have their vagina steamed while being treated as a queen.

Watch this short report below:

Potential benefits of vaginal steaming

Some people believe vaginal steaming offers many health benefits and have called the practice a “facial” for the vagina.

Some of the reported benefits of vaginal steaming include:

1. reducing menstrual symptoms, such as bloating, cramps, exhaustion, and heavy bleeding

2. boosting fertility

3. promoting healing after childbirth

4. reducing stress

5. treating hemorrhoids

6. increasing energy and reducing fatigue

7. treating headaches

Currently, there are no scientific studies that prove these purported benefits. However, some people say it works by enhancing blood flow to the vaginal tissues, which can promote healing.

Wine Enthusiast, the leading wine lifestyle magazine, has released its 10 Best Wine Getaways for 2019. The much anticipated feature is available online and on newsstands in the February Issue now.

Chosen by Wine Enthusiast’s global editors each year, the list includes not only tips on what to taste and where to go in terms of wine, but also an insider’s guide on top restaurants, hotels and cultural activities to experience in each region.

Wine Enthusiast’s 2019 Top 10 Wine Getaways include:

Seattle, Washington

Maipo Valley, Chile

Lake Garda, Italy

Tasmania, Australia

Beaujolais, France

Temecula Valley, CA

Thessaloniki, Greece

Lisboa, Portugal

Lavaux, Switzerland, and

Bangkok, Thailand

While locations like France’s Beaujolais and Chile’s Maipo Valley may be familiar destinations to wine lovers, the list offers plenty of surprises, like Tasmania, Australia and Bangkok, Thailand.

Happy Travels!

Established franchises top the list for fans’ most anticipated movies to see in 2019 according to a survey by Atom Tickets, the social movie ticketing platform. Avengers 4: Endgame, starring Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and Mark Ruffalo topped multiple lists by wide margins, including overall “most anticipated,” “most anticipated superhero movie,” and “most excited ensemble cast to see.” Captain Marvel and Toy Story 4 claimed the No. 2 and No. 3 spots, respectively, on the overall “most anticipated” list of films to see in 2019. The bulk of the top 10 most anticipated movies are tent-pole films that have strong four-quadrant appeal, meaning they appeal to both males and females, and both over- and under-25 years old.

“Although we expect to see some movement in preferences as release dates near and studios ramp up marketing efforts, there were clear winners in each category. The battles for box office dominance between Dwayne Johnson, Lupita Nyong‘o, The Avengers, and Star Wars will be epic, and the 2019 slate looks great overall,” said Matthew Bakal, Chairman and Co-Founder of Atom Tickets.

Below are the top 10 overall most anticipated movies for 2019 according to Atom Tickets:

Avengers 4: Endgame

Captain Marvel

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Toy Story 4

The Lion King

Star Wars: Episode IX


X-Men: Dark Phoenix


Jumanji Sequel

Six surprising kitchen cabinet colours to consider in 2019

​ ​

What better way to start 2019 than with freshly-painted kitchen cabinets. Picking a colour for your cabinets is one of the most difficult decisions to make when doing a new kitchen. The colour or stain on the cabinetry has to work in tandem with the walls, countertops, floors, the backsplash and the appliances. Are you working on getting a new kitchen or updating an old one? Here are surprising cabinet colours to spruce up your kitchen.


Turquoise is a strong colour for cabinetry so a little splash goes a long way. When working with turquoise on cabinetry, pair it with a cherry, chestnut or mahogany wood finish for a warm look or, grey, beige and white cabinets for a chilled out look. Use turquoise minimally on an island or on select top cabinets only. Turquoise cabinets look superb in a matte finish with bright countertops like Tala white granite.


A warm and happy colour like egg yolk yellow will bring life to any kitchen especially so if it is a small space. Yellow cabinets pair well with white walls, brass handles and pale oak floors.


Navy is mostly reserved for suits and handbags but you can use it in your kitchen too. Navy cabinetry will pop with gold handles and hinges and bright neutral or brown countertops. Navy also works with silver hardware and silver appliances. It can be used in matte or gloss options depending on the amount of natural light. Consider navy only for bigger kitchen spaces.


Red is an energy-infusing colour. Red kitchen cabinets fit better in modern or contemporary interiors. Red cabinets should always be high lacquer to pass a statement. A two-tone option for red is a mix of high gloss red and high gloss white. Red cabinets work well with greige (a colour made from mixing grey with beige), champagne, white and grey walls and dark stain floors.


Orange, being a colour named after a fruit, is equally appetising to the eyes. Orange, just like it’s counterpart red, will give a burst of energy to your kitchen. To tone down orange cabinets, go for white or washed out beige walls and medium to dark floors. Orange cabinets look good with any hardware and all appliances.


You know what they say about purple cabinetry? It keeps excess body weight away. Purple is an appetite suppressant so you could just skip the annual gym membership and eat purple foods in your purple kitchen

These will literally spice up your sex life.

If you’re looking to increase your orgasm satisfaction reach for these foods and you’ll definitely feel a difference.

Nutritionist, Ishi Khosla explains;

“Everything that can be summed up as good sex depends to a great extent on your body blood circulation, which is made or marred by the food that you consume. Food that facilitates the proper pumping of blood in the body adds to your sexual prowess.”

Here are 7 foods that’ll help you get more mind blowing orgasms: 

1. Olive Oil. 

This gives your orgasms a kick. Consuming olive oil helps with testosterone production in women, a necessary hormone needed for both the libido and orgasm achievement.

2. Eggs. 

These a complete boost to your chances of having earth-shattering orgasms. First, eggs are largely protein, giving you long-lasting energy that will help you between the sheets. Secondly, eggs contain a natural chemical called choline, which triggers the production of nitric oxide (NO), increasing blood flow to the penis and the clitoris.


3. Hot Peppers. 

According to nutritionist Kimberly Snyder, hot peppers help in creating stronger orgasms on two levels. For starters, they heat up the body, getting it ready for action. Secondly, they increase blood flow to the most sensitive parts of your body… your vagina included.


4. Healthy Fats.

They’re crucial to keeping sex-hormone levels where they should be. Snack on walnuts and almonds, and cook with vegetable and nut oils labeled cold-pressed


5. Garlic. 

As much as garlic might do a number on your breath, the levels of allicin in garlic improve blood flow to your sexual organs.


6. Spinach.

Nutritionist Aishwarya Rajan says that spinach;

“… is rich in manganese, which facilitates the production of the female hormone estrogen. A deficiency of magnesium also affects a woman’s fertility levels.”


7. Fish. 

Fish contains omega-3 which is essential in triggering arousal within the brain, making sure blood flow gets to all your important bits ― aka your vagina ― and its effect on sex hormones in both men and women results in greater sensitivity and sensation.


If you really want to have a good and happy home, then read this important piece about the type of men you must avoid in marriage. 

Wedding ring


Here is an advisory published by Agnes Sikuku for would-be-wives, on men they should avoid in forging relationships.We find the advisory interesting. We hope ladies will also find it useful.


1. Mamas golden boys

The reason you shouldn’t marry them is obvious; they will not talk about anything else apart from their mama. You will be faced with a hard time making important decisions. Mama has to be called and asked her views on things that don’t concern her.

2. A man with many baby mamas


This man has more than three baby mamas. He has not married any of them. He tells you how all the baby mamas had faults here and there. Like an airhead you are, you swallow the bait. You believe you are the best of them all. That those baby mamas had weaknesses but you are different. Breaking news! You are not any different. The sky will come falling.

3. His mighty Mike Tyson


Why a woman marries a man who hits her is a mystery to me. A woman’s bruises, black eye and dents on her body are countless, yet she affords a feeble “but I love him, he will change”. Why this Mike Tysons can’t be gathered and forced to represent our country in boxing, is being lenient. I think the government knows they will be beaten to pulp or even be killed in the ring. Trust me, they are cowards and weak. The government is protecting them.


4. The womanizer


A man, whose love for other women surpasses his love for you, should not be married. He can’t be faithful or even try. He will prick your esteem with his ways. You will always imagine you are not good enough. Sometimes, you will even fight with other women in the name of fighting for your marriage. It’s a gloomy picture. Never say yes to such a loser.


5. A poor and lazy man


Some men are jobless and have no steady source of income. Some have education but blame the government for their unemployment. We understand all this. It’s only fair that a man does everything possible to get a job. A jobless man who sleeps on the couch all day and wonders how he can get a job shouldn’t be married. He is just poor and lazy to be taken seriously for marriage.

2019 is the time for you to glow sis. 

You are going to shine so brightly that all your enemies will be confused. So we’re sharing a few handy tips that will help you achieve this blinding glow.

These 6 skincare tips will make you glow throughout the new year: 

1. Steam your face

Soak a towel in hot water and place the towel over your face for several minutes until it cools. Do this first thing in the morning before washing your face to help open your pores.



2. Use an organic cleanser to wash your face

Buy a cleanser that contains glycerin and won’t strip away your skin’s protective oils. Other ingredients you can use include essential oils, coconut, aloe vera, chamomile and oats.



3. Use a lemon and water mixture to tone

Apply a natural toner made from lemon juice and water. Fill a container with one part freshly squeezed lemon juice and five parts filtered water. Apply the lemon juice toner with a cotton ball and do not rinse off.


4. Massage your face with essential oils 

Massage your face with oils like sweet almond, coconut, olive and jojoba before going to bed. Allowing oils to soak into the skin overnight can contribute to glowing skin in the morning. Apply the oil to the skin using your fingertips.


5. Apply a homemade face mask once a week

Apply a homemade, natural face mask once or twice per week. Mash one ripe banana with one egg white and coat your face, neck and decolletage with the mixture. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes, then rinse it off with warm water.

6. Eat clean!

Help your skin develop a glow by consuming a diet rich in a variety of fruits and vegetables. Also drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily to keep your skin hydrated.

It’s a few days to the end of 2018, but who says you have to end it single?

So you’ve been trying all year to clinch the man of your dreams, and it just hasn’t happened. In fact, you’re scared of going home for Christmas because you know you’re going to get the ‘So are you with anybody yet’ question. Your sisters and cousins are going to visit with their handsome and accomplished men, and you’re on the verge of renting a man just so you don’t have to be the ‘forever single’ person for the 5th year in a row.

There’s good news! With these tips, you can get the man of your dreams before 2018: 

1. Dress to kill

Going out? Make sure you’re in a killer outfit with amazing heels and the best makeup. Remember to look irresistible. When you’re looking and feeling your best, guys will sense that confidence and be instantly attracted.


2. Exude confidence

Nothing is more attractive than a confident woman. Remember that you are amazing and beautiful, and you are the best thing that could happen to any man.


3. Make great conversation

Imprint yourself in the guy’s mind by being great to talk to. Get him talking about something he loves. When a guy’s talking about something he’s really into, he’ll get excited and associate those feel-good vibes with you.


4. Get great perfume

Wear the best perfume you have. Scent is the sense that’s most closely tied to memory,  if you smell sweet, he’ll associate that sweetness with you as he thinks about you later.

5. Flirt, flirt, flirt. 

Flirt, but not too seriously. You want to make it clear you’re interested while letting him know he’s still got some work to do to get you.


6. Make minimal skin contact

Graze his arm lightly as you’re talking. Skin-to-skin contact sparks the release of oxytocin, the feel-good hormone, that will make him instantly feel more focused on you.


7. Spend money on him

When you go on dates, make sure you pay for some stuff. This will show him that you’re not a broke girl who is after his money.


8. Don’t be too available

Be busy sometimes. Don’t always text back right away, and make plans to go out with your girlfriends every few Fridays. Seeing how in-demand you are tells him he’s competing with others for a spot in your life.


9. Compliment him

 Give him a compliment about something other than his looks. For example, if he’s really focused on his career, tell him how impressed you are with his drive. He’ll dig that you’re picking up on what’s important to him

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