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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Why These Campaign of Calumny Against Ogun People and The Governor-Elect?

Why These Campaign of Calumny Against Ogun People and The Governor-Elect? 

As an avid reader and follower of information flow in the public domains, my attention has been drawn to a couple of ill-motivated post-election campaigns perpetuated by some unscrupulous elements masquarading as public affairs analysts and social commentators.
Of the messy lot, a piece titled "Tales of a Winner and Albatros of Negotiated Crown" mischievously credited to one Dapo Kushoro appears to be the peak of the trend of devilish propaganda and campaign of calumny against the good people of Ogun state who chose Prince Dapo Abiodun as Governor of the gateway state despite the massive aggressive and repressive attempts by the incumbent Governor of the state to force his anointed stooge on the politically sophisticated people of Ogun state using the state resources and mercenary at his disposal, but to no avail.
Kushoro in his obviously sponsored article admitted that, "The month of March has come and gone.The Governorship elections have been done and dusted.Winners have started savourring the aroma of victory..." but he failed to equally articulate that some bad loosers have refused to gain their mental balance after sniffing the stench of defeat! He also failed to articulate why some bad loosers have deliberately chosen to play the dirty politics of smear campaigns after election results have been been declared!
While he alleges in his inglorious write up that "the general air currently pervading the nook and cranny of the state is that of suspense, with the congratulatory back slaps expected from among the citizens clearly missing", he again failed to admit the truth that Prince Dapo Abiodun's victory at the polls made Ogun workers to heave a huge sigh of relief from the  unprecedented regime of deprivation, oppression and subjugation to which Ogun people were subjected under the self-adoring, high-handed and high-capped failed godfather whose imperial self-succession attempt was thrashed to unpickable pieces at the polls.
When a self-acclaimed public affairs analysts and a writer, who in the first instance, is supposed to be a critical and logical thinker stoops so low to the abyss of playing to the gallery, deploying incoherent similitudes to market his pointless confused points to the public as hurriedly done by Dapo Kushoro in his tell tale "Tales of a Bad Looser" (as he should have more appropriately titled his article), only two sides of one intelligent question coin reverberates in the mind of true lovers of democracy who read the paid propaganda paraded as public opinion by folks like Kushuro:
What exactly do these bad loosers want?
Why exactly are they still busy dissipating their warped faculties and polluted political energies towards gross falsifications and misrepresentations of facts about the already "done and dusted guber election in Ogun state?
They should rather encourage their principal and employer to accept the mandate of the people and do justice to the statutory requirements of the law of the land to wind up his activities in the government house and office alike, prepare his hand over notes and get ready for the imminent judgement of posterity on him for his actions and inactions in the the course of his stewardship.
No doubt, the entire arsenal of last-minutes damage strategies and cacophony of campaigns of calumny against Prince Dr.Dapo Abiodun(MFR), the Ogun Governor-Elect and the respectable leaders of the All Progressives Congress(APC) by Governor Ibikunle Amosun and his league of psycophants, croonies and agents definitely amounts to medicine after death.
By natural and constitutional order, May 29th,2019 Hand over date is sacrosanct and irreversible.
Ogun people have spoken by the ballots.Every sane individual or group of individuals who feel aggrieved have only one legal option.Pursuit of redress at the tribunals and competent court of law.
Every attempt to carry the current waves of campaign of calumny against the state to extra-judicial lengths or the realm of political insurrection and character assasination of law abiding citizens of the state is undemocratic, unprogressive and stands to be dealt with with the full weight of the law of the land  in due course.

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