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Trouble awaits Gubernatorial election as INEC refuse to pay RATECH

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RATECH, the technical brain behind the whole elections are yet to be paid for their work done..

And it seems INEC is playing games with the technical support..
INEC went on air to announce payment  to all adhoc staff but am telling you, its a lie.. Nobody have been paid..
Incase you don't know what RATECH means or whag they does..
RATCH are the ones who configured all the smart card reader,  they are who to call if the smart card reader is mal functioning...
A Ratech officer is in charge of a ward,  and a ward can have a minimum of 10 polling unit.
Just imagine going from one polling unit to another..
INEC has refused to pay the technical support and their is a protest as this people have work and yet to be paid...
Please join the trend.....
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