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SCAM ALERT- Trust Fund Investment A

There have been different monietized outfits in Africa and around the Word, but the one we are particular about is the new face of the Institution called THE TRUST FUND based in Nigeria with agents around the North, basically Abuja and kano

These Business Champions who are majorly speciallized in ensuring they scam you have double opportunity offers for you.It states that you pay in 5000naira and get 10000 naira paid to you in less than 20minutes but alas! the 50000 naira you paid in might waiting to get 100, 000naira might be the beginning of Hypertension in your life especially if you might have to stake the money for your naming ceremony or tusion fee.

The packages are for students and they claim its for the less priviledge.But, Niger get scammers my brothers and sisters

Once you pay in the money, the next thing u are told os that the machine has upgraded you to a particular amount they know you can never be able to pay and you will have to find all ways to find the money and pay. Claiming they want to help you but your input is still small according to their Computer.
20minutes of payback turn out to be journey of doubts and gnashing of teeth because you can never get your money back as promised. Let me say-We all want a way out of our poverty and by then, your money is already gone into their account and then the Begging, crying or blames begins.
TRUST FUND INVESTMENT is no Investment. All they need is to be able to penetrate your whatsapp group or social media accounts by virtue of trust to join their whatsapp group through a link and you wont be able say anything rather than Read because they are building a community of -No Talking--
Their are actually 5 Admin partners , Igbos and Hausas and some their numbers are
09069079142 Mr Godwin Gabriel

And one Mr Samson 08167896726 who claims to be a paying agent in Abuja.
They have mostly EcoBank express account and they will tell you to pay into these accounts...
Account name Deborah Clement account number:8101009310 Eco Bank
Sunday Samuel
Account no 8101082829
Eco Bank
Account name Elikanah Jeremiah account number:3134737231 first bank
Please be carefull and make sure we give this post a wide broadcast on all plaforms so that we can dave our Nigeria from scammers.

EFCC...pls do something and its conventional!
We have their pictures too
See faces of TRUST FUND INVESTMENT Scammers...


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