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Monday, March 4, 2019

Four kinds of men a woman should never date

There are more than seven billion people in this world so there is never a reason to settle for less when it comes to relationships. Men come in all forms and sizes and while there will never be such a thing as a perfect man, there are 4 types of men every woman should avoid at all costs:

The broke a*s: It’s 2019 and it’s no longer acceptable to date men with potential, especially for women who are above 25. If a man’s potential has not yet started being realised by his mid 20s, there’s no need to stick along with hopes the situation will change. As Beyonce put it in her song Diva: “if you ain’t talking money then you ain’t got nothing for me.”

The self-absorbed man: This is the kind of man whRead more hereo wants everything to go his way and thinks he’s awesome but in reality he’s a pr**k. This kind of man is usually successful, but his character is wanting. The man will talk about his “awesomeness” 24/7. About how he graduated top in his class, how he rose up the ranks to earn monthly what other ordinary mortals could only dream of earning after many years of toiling. He’ll talk about his designer clothes, his connections to the high and mighty and how he retired at a young age to start his own company because he couldn’t keep making money for someone else.

The stiff, unadventurous man: This is the kind of person who cares so much about what people think that he doesn’t live his life. The man will avoid public displays of affection because they don’t want to risk looking “uncultured”. This man will not take a random trip outside the city on a weekend because he likes things planned ahead, or rather, he’s a control freak and has to have details of everything in his life to a T. This man could never do a quick store run in shorts and sandals because he couldn’t imagine his fellow country club mates seeing him unpolished. You can only imagine how boring your relationship will be

The flirt: This is the kind of dude who will get friendly with any and every woman he meets. If it’s not hugging every woman he casually knows, it’s flirting with them and taking them out to drinks. This man has no boundaries and shares everything about himself to everyone. There is something to be said about a discreet man.

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