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Church burnt by fire but Bibles & crosses remain completely undamaged

devastating fire — so hot that firefighters had to back out at one point — was ravaging through the building, the Coal City Fire Department said in a Facebook post.

But as they went through the charred wreckage, they noticed something extraordinary.

“In your mind, everything should be burned, ashes. Not a single bible was burned and not a single cross was harmed!!” the department wrote.

The Facebook post, which went viral, features compelling photos of a pile of about a dozen intact Bibles surrounded by the rubble.

“Though the odds were against us, God was not,” the firefighters added. No firefighters were injured in the operation. The cause of the fire is still unclear.

Some few people also shared their testimonies of witnessing same situation where in one way or the other, they saw Bibles untouched during fire outbreaks.

One commenter wrote:

“Erin Hoover: I was a responding vol. firefighter on 9/11 to Flight 93 in Shanksville, Somerset County. We were walking in the woods yelling for survivors, and looking for the wreckage, when we got on scene. We found wallets and papers, blowing in the wind, that were charred and burnt. Un readable. We did however, find a Bible. Untouched. Completely readable. I don’t talk much about responding that day, but felt compelled to share my story too. I have PTSD from that call. But your right. God is with us on those bad calls, those bad days. You just have to look up.”

Another also added:

Sharon Lackey: When our house burned in Texas I had the family bible laying on dad’s army trunk that he carried around the world doing his tours of duty. The top of the trunk burned a hole through the top where the bible was laying and it didn’t damage the bible in any way. I still have both the trunk and the Bible. They serve as a reminder to me how great the word of God can be.

There was another touching one too:

Valarie Moon DeNault: At the 911 museum in PA where flight 93 went down there is a Bible that survived the crash intact. If you saw the site you would be speechless. The whole thing just disintegrated except that Bible. Gave me chills.


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