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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

9 Reasons Why Single ladies Hate Valentines Day

Being single is amazing if you are not putting your life on hold because you are searching for love. You are free to live your life the way you want to, you can have fun, travel and go out for adventures. Yes, being single is amazing but not when valentines season is around. Although one is happy (well some) valentines comes around to remind us that being in a relationship can be fun and it has some benefits.

9 reasons why single ladies hate valentines:

1. It reminds us that we are single.

Not that we usually forget but Valentine’s really emphasizes that point that there is no bae. No wonder some women get into relationships in January just so that they cannot be alone during Valentines and they can be pampered during this day of love.


2. There are Public Displays Of Affection (PDA) everywhere.

People are holding hands, and kissing all over the place. It is all over on social media and you cannot get away from it.


3. Food might be bae but on Valentines getting a reservation at your favorite restaurant is hard.

This would be the perfect day to go drown your singleness sorrows with a couple of glasses of wine and some good food. But restaurant prices are up and even getting a reservation at your favorite restaurant is hard.



4. You resent all your taken friends.

Your friends might not be rubbing it in when they talk about their bae/side dish or husband and what they got for valentines but it makes it so obvious that you are single.



5. Everywhere you go you are assaulted by Valentines themed items.

It is not enough to know there is no special somebody to treat you during valentines but you have to be reminded that others do every time you walk into a supermarket. Now hawkers with valentines items are even on the streets and you get sad that nobody will buy you a cute little teddy bear or that chocolate you love.

(@providence.divine.zgharta) on Feb 11, 2016 at 3:07am PST


6. Valentines is a work day so you must go to work.

The best way to avoid the singles blues on valentines would be to stay home, sleep or watch movies. But no you have to work or go to school. And you meet all those women with flowers and chocolates in town.



7. All your friends who are in relationships take this time to rub their relationships in your face.

This is the time your friends remind you “si you wanted to be single? Wacha we enjoy!”



8. Everywhere you turn including blogs are just taking about love, valentines, and couples.

Everybody is giving away dinners for couples on valentines, giving gift ideas for people in relationships etc. It makes you wish there was a day to celebrate the single people. Come to think of it why is there no day to celebrate single women?



9. Even if you are happily single, some of your single friends may bring you down.

You may be happily single, but some of your single friends can be depressing talking about how they don’t have a boyfriend or husband. This can be very depressing especially when they go on and on about

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