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7 “Unladylike” Things Men Love About Women

Women have always been scrutinized from the time they were born.

We are taught to act politely, not to shout and do all these ladylike manner of things that sometimes put us in vulnerable positions. However, there are women who have learnt the art of being women and more like boss women. They sometimes appear to be “unladylike” but I like to think they are balanced. They know when to blush and turn pink but at the same time they know when to stand up for themselves and just roar. These type of women are a thrill to some men, the kind of men that are not oppressive but enjoy a challenge once in a while.

Here are the “unladylike” things some men love in women:

1. Women who can handle their alcohol.

Yes, she knows her limits and she handles her liquor well. She doesn’t disappear on the people she is with and still manages to hold a reasonable conversation even when she is tipsy and oh, she loves her whiskey and strong drinks.



2. Women who can have a good time and not be so uptight.

She is not petty so you can joke with her about anything and she won’t hold an unnecessary grudge.



3. One who can defend herself and is unapologetic for it.

She doesn’t go looking for fights or opportunities to bully people but when you step on her toes she will have a major clap back. She is assertive and doesn’t wait for a man to defend her honor.



4. The kind that will eat without pretending she doesn’t love food.

She does not pretend to only a eat a little when she knows she loves meat and food in general.



5. One who has a sense of humor.

She understands jokes and doesn’t take everything too seriously. She knows when to take some things with a pinch of salt because she is also funny.



6. A woman who communicates her feelings effectively.

She doesn’t expect a man to magically guess what is wrong with her. She is reasonable and emotionally wise and would rather settle issues than drag them on for too long.


7. One who is comfortable with her sexuality.

Women who are okay with talking about sex have been frowned upon in the past. But women who can now talk about their sexuality openly are mature gems to that are appreciated much more than women who pretend to be saints.



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