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Ghanaian Carpenters design p***s coffin for womanisers

Womanisers now have a special coffin designed for them — that’s the p*nis coffin.

The coffin takes the shape of a man’s ‘operation gun’.

The coffin was said to be designed by a carpenter in Teshie Accra.

So those reading this and know very well that they’re womanisers, just be prepared that when you die, we’ll bury you with this 😂😂😂.

See photo below:


The word coffin comes from the Old French cofin and from the Latin cophinus, which translates into basket. The word was first used in the English language in 1380. A coffin is defined as a box or chest for the display/burying of a corpse. When used to transport the deceased, a coffin may also be referred to as a pall.

Coffins have been used since ancient Egypt when a body was mummified and placed in a sarcophagus before being buried in pyramids. In Europe, around 700, the Celts began fashioning burial boxes with flat stones. But the majority of people throughout time have been buried wrapped in a shroud, or in a wooden box.


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