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Thursday, January 17, 2019

10 Years Challenge By 'Femi Orunsola

10 Years Challenge By 'Femi Orunsola 

10 Years ago I never thought of it that 10 years challenge was ever going to become a trend in vogue as it is now.

10 years ago, I bought a cell phone I certainly will not accept as a gift today or think of ever using. Can anyone remember those 2008/2009 phones in vogue back then?

10 years ago I ate a broad spectrum of food and drank different drinks and ate out frequently at different fast food centres  (some of which have closed down now) as I liked .I had bought and wore materials and designer clothes, shoes and bags MOST of which (if not ALL), I really cannot tell where exactly they are now. 

Neither do I eat and drink much the same categories of foods and drinks in the same manner as I would do some 10 years ago. Why should I? My age, idiosyncracies, circumstances and schedule of duties then and now are not the same!

10 years ago, I owned and rode a car brand.I certainly will not even dream of ever buying the same type of car again today.

 Trends, fashion and what's in vogue have overtaken them.
10 years ago.I was not here, I mean where I am today.

How time flies!
10 years ago? Just like a flash of a moment.How would I know if I would be here today to take a restropective look at nature's greatest gift to me and indeed all mankind - time.

Time, that heals all wounds as they say.
10 Years Ago, I got married in hope of a better life with my better half.In the womb of time, my solo sojourn has metamorohosed into the trip of a duo.The same trip has graduated into an adventure of many with the emergence of my own carbon copies from my loins, fondling with my heart and sharing in my time, life and all its resources. I am not the same man I used to be 10 years ago!
What a decade! What an experience of life! I have been through thick and thin, ups and downs, waded through the maze called life in the company of my portion and wife of my youth who has just always been there with and for me.

What a force beyond me it is that has helped me to  navigate my way out of the valley of the shadow of death on many ocassions in the course of the vissimilitudes of life!

Today the social media space is a-gog  with 10 years challenges of different shades, hues and categories.

Indeed,many may pose a 10 years challenge picture of their infallibility to the world, my 10 years challenge tells the tale of my fallibility and vulnerability as part of my humanity.

10 Years ago, a young man, a student of mine by the name, Clement made a portrait frame for me and presented it to me as a birthday gift.

Today, I look back at the same portrait  made by that young man who was a physically challenged but gifted and determined youth who was actually restricted to depend on his wheel chair for mobility with a great feeling of nostagia and meaning.

How he got that picture of mine with which he drew the portrait sketch I cannot recall but I vividly remember how I felt when he first gave me the frame and he told me that he chose to do my portrait frame because I had added value to his life and inspired him to believe in himself. 

Today, 10 years thereafter, a look at that same portrait hanged in a conspicuous location in my living room refreshes my memory to the bitter truth that the real challenge of our ephemeral lives on this side of planet earth is not such much about the mighty mansions we build, the flashy cars we ride, the designer clothes we wear or the sumptous meals we eat.No.Not so much about all these but it's about the impact our lives make on humanity.

How instructive it is for us to realize that 10 years from now too, many of the mundane pursuits and materials we are currently going all out of our ways to get will be both out of vogue and undesirable to us again.

10 years from now, what we do for others today, in the ultimate analysis,may be the real substance we will have to show for our existence! Not the same set of necessities and or  luxuries like cars, clothings,  iphones, smartphones, electronics and other things that we so much prioritize above people- our spouses, children,friends, relatives and our less previleged neighbours today.

10 years from now, I hope you remember reading this piece of writing of mine and it strikes a positive chord in your heart that life is all about impact not our unenlightened impulses and the size of our pulses!

Thanks for reading my 10 years challenge story.

Kindly share and rebroadcast.Mega blessings!

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